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7 Fun & Exciting Places in Singapore You Can’t Missed

I think it won’t be wrong to say that Singapore is considered as one of the most expensive country to live in Southeast Asia. 

In general, the Southeast Asia region is not expensive as compared to other regions, let’s take an example of North Asia (where Japan and Korea are located at). Travellers with a limited budget are mostly seen getting attracted to Thailand as it comes on a low cost. Most travellers would skip Singapore in a heartbeat because of the expense. 

A traveler who always had Singapore on his list of “Places I want to travel” but only hold back because of the expense rumours in the air since over a decade, let me update you with the truth that you deserve to know today: It is possible to travel Singapore on a limited budget.

To convince you on this fact, I will come up with 7 fun and exciting places in Singapore that YOU can visit for free. All these places will definitely make you fall in love with nature, and you will never regret for making this decision. Let’s begin with the list.


#1 SuperTree Grove, Garden by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - SuperTree Grove in Singapore

These beautiful humongous Supertrees are not like any other typical trees you see back at your home town. These trees are 50 meter high, and provide shelter to the plants from all over the world, harvest solar energy, don’t require soil and they give you giving that cannot be described in words.  If you are a food lover than you can dine in at the rooftop of these Supertree, more to add you can visit magnificent Flower Dome too.


#2 Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens

On 4th of July 2015 the Botanic Garden became the first UNESCO World Heritage Site. This charming 74-hectare garden is a house for more than 10,000 with region’s most significant collection of plants, orchids, palms, gingers and cycads according to the National Parks Board. You can even find free tour guide there if you visit on Saturday.


#3 Merlion Park

Singapore Merlion

This place holds a history of Singapore, I can bet on this that you have seen Merlion on top of the list when you search famous places of Singapore. Well, the icon “Singa” that means lion with a body of fish that symbolize Singapore beginning as a Fishing Village. The park is always open for visitors, so you have a chance to visit it any time of the day. More you can also go for a River Cruise ride to admire the beauty of skyline of Marine Bay.

#4 Sri Mariamman Temple

Singapore Sri Mariamman Temple

Starting with a walk of 170m from BTRT this Sri Mariamman Temple is a Hindu temple, which was built in 1827. This temple was in past used by solemnize hindu for their marriage virtues. The temple entrance holds beautiful decoration of sculptures of mythological beasts, deities and other beings. Things to remember while visiting the temple is not to go bare shoulder or back. Respecting the Hindu culture avoid wearing shoes inside the temple.

#5 Sentosa

Singapore Sentosa

So, now coming to some cozy place where you can enjoy Sunset, sand and sound of waves? Well, Sentosa it is. This place in island that have everything starting from Adventure cove water theme park, casino, cable car, bungee jump, beach, Merlion statue, universal studio Singapore, and more. This place is a surprise box filled up with a lot of amazing places. You can take a lot of insta worthy photos.

#6 Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

One more temple that you can visit in Singapore is this astounding Buddha tooth Relic Temple, with both Buddha devotees and non-devotees to learn about the history of Buddhism. You can visit the Museum too with various halls that collects Buddha’s teachings. With our recommendation you should dine in at the Vegetarian Dinning Hall at the basement. The food served is really delicious and extremely affordable for the tourist. And not to forget respecting their cultural values, wearing appropriate clothing will do well and avoid eating non-veg food within the temple. And as per the temple rules you cannot take your pets along with you inside the temple.

#7 MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore

Last but not the least, for all the trail lovers this one is for you. MacRitchie Reservoir has a 10km loop trail, the best thing about it is a good picnic spot, a walk on the wild side of the MacRitchie Reservoir where you may encounter some dragonflies, fluttering Libellago damselflies and even some Clouded Monitor Lizards. Be safe! More on the list paddle a canoe for a relaxation.