Zen and Interior Design

Zen and Interior Design

February 20, 2011  |  Interiors

Zen and Interior Design

To affect the metamorphosis of a cluttered interior design of a dwelling into a timeless habitat, interior designers often turn to the  visual aesthetic of  Zen and interior design. Designing your apartment based on Zen principles can give you a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind.  Zen is not a religion, it  is sense of awareness that is heighten to be present and to be in the Now.

The art of Zen and interior design has been often misrepresented by inexperienced interior designers. Home owners now are well travelled and discerning enough to identify a good Zen interior design.

A professional Zen interior design knows how to apply Zen spiritualism to the interior spaces. The appreciation and reverence for natural materials and emphasis on simplicity in the application of Zen Interior Design Theme is a must for any Zen interior design.

Zen interiors very popular in Japanese designers, will turn your home into a sanctuary, a place of soothing tranquility and respite from the rush and busyness of the outside world.

In Japan, space is often premium, and Japanese designers use the principles of Zen interiors to overcome  challenge for space and  functionality. Living areas are organised with considerable finesse to maximise space and domestic storage requirements.

A Zen inspired design is only successful if you can experience the  heighten state of mind by being present in that space.  Zen interior design should not been seen but felt!

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