Texture in Interior Design

Texture in Interior Design

Designing a Room with Texture

Texture represent our past. Things that are old is rich in texture. Old wood floors, braided rugs, cross-stitch, carpets, and quilts are all rich in texture.

Lack of texture has come to symbolize wealth in some areas. The most expensive fabrics are very smooth. Sofas in formal living room designs are usually upholstered in shiny, smooth fabric. Expensive woods have high luster finishes. Contrast this with the resurgence of pine, which has more texture, and with bleached wood. Many years ago textured design was brought into the home with grass cloth, flocked wallpaper, cutaway upholstery fabric, and shag carpet.

There are many ways to bring texture into your home. When you are designing a room there are more to consider adding texture to walls and furnishings. Texture designs combines the visual experience with the tactile, gives the room strenght of character and depth.  It can create warmth or coolness. Combining textures is the key to balancing your space and and gives your room the finishing touch.

Special wallpaper and painting techniques add texture and richness to walls. Chenille, rich in texture, is very popular in upholstery and blankets. Blinds can be  replaced by texture rich fabrics. If you find yourself wanting to do something to spruce up a boring room, take a look around and see if you may be missing texture in the room. You may be able to get the results you want with the addition of just a touch of texture.

The same principles apply to your accessories. Instead of placing shiny pieces near other bright things, opt for the opposite. Your rooms will become far more intereting when textures are mixed, not mismatched. Think smooth and rough , soft and hard.. simply think contrast.

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