Smart Urban Home Interior Design- 2011

Smart Urban Home Interior Design- 2011

Smart Open Urban Home Interiors 2011

Singapore is a country starve for space and its residential areas even more so. However smart urban homes with clever design ideas and  new storage solutions allow homeowners to have the house of their dreams without having to make too much compromise to sacrifice aestheteics.

Having been given the artistic freedom to render and alter the interiors , the new urban smart home interior designers have more freedom and leeway to provide some interesting new perspectives to old design isssues.

Walls between kitchen and living areas are knocked down to make way for larger  spaces  for open concept living with modern sleek lines.  Urban open concept living was unimaginable 10 years ago in asian homes. New homes both landed properties and condominiums have full height windows that makes this smart homes  more spacious without infringing on privacy. Walls of this new urban interiors need no decorations with their sequence of  layered interior spaces. Decorative treatments to walls reduces the beautiful effects created by daylight laying on this walls with their shadow effects.

Cooking is no more a solitary affair in this smart urban open  homes. Standing behind the hob, views extends to the dining areas  into living rooms and open landscaped garden spaces.

Fittings are now simple and kitchen cabinets are now decked with glossy laminates that comes in avariety of colours and textures.

Reflective flooring and mirrors visually opens up spaces for clean simple functional design. By keeping simple colour paletes throughout the house , not only save cost also contributes to green living by using materials that are energy saving and recyclable.

All photos© Amir Sultan

Instead of solid walls between rooms cabinetry that also serve as storage compartments. Integrated into this dividers that are slight lower than the ceiling are LED  lights that wash the ceiling to make the space feel larger than it is. LED lights are now less costly commercially  available to use  for interior designer to propose to clients. This LEDs are not only cost saving they can also be creatively used to highlight corners spaces that enhances the design and the space.

With all this  new ideas for urban living one can look forward to returning home to a cosy and smarter home in the year 2011.

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