Smart Luxurious Interiors

Smart Luxurious Interiors

January 22, 2011  |  Interior Design

Small Luxurious Interiors

Unconventional and poetic best describes the interiors of this small smart  luxurious interiors. Images of the glittering night sky – black and white theme, hanging lights, tinted mirrors and strategically placed lighting pervades throughout.

Dynamically designed book shelves  in white expresses a sense  artistry with functionality.

The foyer with  modern functionality  and sleek design greets the viewer upon entrance to the  living room.

The use black and white as the creatively as a pattern arrangement for the carpet creates drama and spaciousness to this chic smart luxurious master bedroom interiors.

Conventional dining setting is given a new twist by combining the kitchen island and the dining table as one making it long and sleek .

The design layout and the monochrome colour palate unfailingly evoke a clean sense of space and modern functionality to this small chic apartment interiors.

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