Modern Oriental  Fusion Design

Modern Oriental Fusion Design

The Vintage Oriental  Apartment

Warmth and cosiness welcomes you when you step in to this three bedroom apartment in Sembawang. Designed by Joey Khu Design, the interior design with a modern orient touch is pure vintage with cool fusion ideas. The 1200 square foot condo apartment was renovated with a budget of $ 40,000.

After consulting with the owner who has always wanted modern fusion apartment  with orient  design, Joey Khu decided on a modern fusion home interiors that offers a mixture of Oriental furniture and contemporary room designs. The living room with its soothing brown tones with warm shades of grey and white exudes a simple but classy atmosphere. A simple rectangular mirror mounted above the sofa set provides a strong focal point to the living area  making  it appear larger and spacious.

The dining room with its simple antique wood table serves as a strong and sturdy focal point within this space. The solid table with matching leather woven chair unifies the theme of vintage orient fusion.

The corridor from the living room leading to the bedrooms have subtle oriental wall artworks and decor elements to unify the space with the rest of the apartment.

The wallpaper treatment with a floral motif with a geometric pattern gently complements the Oriental look of the apartment interiors.

One of the three bedrooms has been converted to study room. The interior design for this is minimal with Zen like Oriental style interior design. The bay window seat that doubles up as a day bed provides the homeowner with a cosy space to sit and chill out.

The clutter free master bedroom with a custom built bed provides a high level of comfort and cosiness. The simple design plays up the Oriental fusion look have concealed drawers for storage.

Every piece of furniture carefully selected and styled by the designer to match the apartment design theme.

Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

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