Marina Bay Apartment

Marina Bay Apartment

January 21, 2011  |  Interior Design, Marina Bay Apartments

The Sail

This modern chic Marina Bay apartment on the 59th floor located at the  The Sail has a splendid view of the beautiful bay area.

To compliment the airiness of the vast views of the Marina Bay area  the owners wanted the interior design of  their home to look and feel spacious, light and uncluttered.

To maintain the surreal feeling of being in suspended in space, the designer made  liberal use of mirrors, glass and the cove lighting to enhance  and infuse it with lots of light. See through furniture, suspended consoles and shelves are anchored with dramatic contrast of black and brown accents of the pony hair rug, curtains and sofa.

Long lean lines on the feature walls add sleekness length and depth. Coming in to the entryway , one is surprised by the seemingly spaciousness of the apartment. This home reflects urban chic light and space.

All Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

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