Life in 80m²

Life in 80m²

Low Budget Stylish Home

This weekend’s post is a delightful  High Volume Low Budget Stylish Home “My Life in 80m²” – Inspiring Small Space Design.

Italian home furnishings brand POLIFORM and their kitchen design brand Varenna have developed an inspirational site that showcases their products and the possibilities of small spaces. The inspirational residential interior project called ‘My Life in 80m²‘ shows that the quality of a living space does not depend on the size.

All the furniture, wall systems, closets, clever storage solutions and select accessories where all carefully chosen because of their special features to reflect a modern minimal lifestyle and all peice are produced by Poliform. This home design, looks very efficient for small space.

There is a living room, next to dining room. After that there is a kitchen beside bathroom. This small home design, split into 2 level area. And the second floor is a bedroom. Although small in space, this cool abode is  stylish and comfortable.

Source : PoliformMy Life in 80m²

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