Interior Design Singapore

Interior Design Singapore

January 18, 2011  |  Lifestyle

New Interior Design Singapore

When talking about Interior Design in Singapore in general, one need to go back to root of its legacy inherited from the colonial days. The strong British influence is very much alive and evident when you look at the government buildings like the Fullerton and the residential edifices like the shophouses.

Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

The design landscape of  Interior Design Singapore may have  changed over the years, designers  are always looking for ways to conserve and preserve some of this buidings by fusing with western ideas.

Eco Id ArchitectsPhotos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

With the global village concept coming to a head and Singapore capitalising on its connectivity to the rest of the world, plenty of influences have come in to change the landscape of Interior Design and Architecture in Singapore.

MOI Design – Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

For one thing, as Singapore lunges into modernity and contemporary thinking, what we can see is that since the 80’s, many of the interior design and architecture were demandingly modern, in the new houses and apartments that came up.

Sumisura DesignPhotos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

Space limitations in the island provides some interesting challenges to architects and designers  in the tiny island. Tropical climate high in humidity level affects the type of material used both in  interior design and architecture. This challenges itself gives birth to creative solution for the tropical design and architecture.

Aamer Architects –Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

Being  a cosmopolitan city  Interior Designers and Architects have  the  creative and  diverse avenues of inspiration from their travels and varied number of foreign design influences.  It also is encouraging to note that many interior designers’ works have been complimented both in Singapore and overseas.

Bedmar and Shi Architects – Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

To overcome this challenges there is a  new emerging trend known as the New Asian Style. It is  juxtopsition  of ideas from the west to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the East.

Aamer Architects –Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

With stunning photographs by Amir Sultan ,the images of Singapore Interior Designers and Architecture featured here achieves  the  synthesis of trends and style that traces Eastern origin in a cosmopolitan setting. The photographs in this post illustrates practical interior designs and architecture that captures the different looks from minimalist apartments to tropical houses with accents.

All Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

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