Interior Design- Curtains

Interior Design- Curtains

Curtain Choice

Curtains are one of the important elements in interior design that have been not been given the kind of attention that it deserves. They frame and enhance a window with its views and shields you from the outside world. They control the amount of light or heat that enters the room.

Choosing Curtains

The style of curtain you choose should relate to the style of the interior design of your room. Take into account the period style of the interiors and also the color theme of all the interior decorations of the room and living spaces. You also need ro take into account the design and color of your furniture and the existing decor of the rooms. Take your interior design theme into consideration when choosing the curtains and the fabrics.  The ideal way to choose your curtain fabric is to take sample swatches to your home and test them in the light of both the ambient and artificial light of room interiors and the color scheme.

The ideal curtain length is to up to the floor or the window sill. Anything in between will not flatter the interior design of the room. Most importantly check with your interior designers or the curtain supplier if the curtain reacts to room temperature by shrinking or expanding in length. If it does make the neccessary adjustments by making it longer or shorter for long term use. Measuring up correctly is vital in fitting a curtain to a window.

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