Good Home Interior Designers

Good Home Interior Designers

Hiring an Interior Designer

If you have just bought a home and want to renovate it to suit your own needs, or you have a home in need of refurbishment, you’ll want a good home interior designer to help you do it right.  As self reliant as we  want to be – and some might even be as talented and creative as to design their own home – there are certain things only the professional interior designers are trained and authorised to trained and authorised to the professionals are trained and authorised to do. Plus all your resourcefullnes and ingeniouity,  your renovation may not end up being approved by the Building Construction Authority or the Housing and Development board. You would then have to dismantle your renovation , which would not only bea costly affair but also unnecessary time waste and mental stress.

How to identify a Good Interior Designer.

Finding and good interior designer is not as cut and dried as locating an architect. The interior design practice is not regulated in Singapore, and it is almost impossible to keep track of everyone who is or claims to be an interior designer. A good professional interior designer is trained to do space planning, lighting, and acoustic design. He must also be able to coordinate structural, mechanical and electrical works with architects and engineers. He must also manage and oversee the execution of his design by a contractor. It would wise to use recommended interior designers  rather than shopping for one.

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