Designer Interior Space

Designer Interior Space

May 19, 2011  |  Cool Designs and Ideas

Three Dimensional Designer Interior Space.

The designers treat interior spaces as a kind of three dimensional frame for furniture.

Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

The designers i admire most treat interior spaces as a kind of three-dimensional frame for furniture that they deploy like sculpture. For most interior design to work  furniture should be homogeneous be a homogeneous element of the spaces. In order to make that work , the designer have to first establish the clarity of the interior spaces that is being designed.

Some rooms have very awkward layouts that weakens the volume and takes away that sense of boundary against which a piece of furniture needs to play. Strong pieces deserve a good backdrop that doesn’t take away the majesty of the furniture.

Regular spaces like a square or rectangular gives a sense of containment with defined boundaries that makes rooms to appear larger. Displayed here are some of the interior designers work that illustrates the idea of simple spaces that serves as great backdrops for furniture.

Photos© LivingPod by Amir Sultan

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