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March 19, 2011  |  Interior Design

Luxury Bedroom Design Inspiration

We introduce today a column on Design Inspiration  for anyone who needs to be inspired with new ideas and trends around the world.

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We found this luxury bedroom interiors of a hotel room in Italy very inspiring , it is not only modern but quite eclectic and stylish without being too loud. This are beatiful images of the first of a proposed international chain for Missoni, the Italian fashion house famed for it’s colourful fabrics and knitwear.

With its visual onslaught of colour, vibrancy and retro chic the images of this luxury bedroom design challenges the concept of tastefulness yet always manages to stay just on the right side of gaudy. Enjoy this visual delight. If you want more of this cool stuff delivered to you please click here

via : hotelmissoni

Click below for more amazing!! design ideas

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