Art Deco Interiors

Art Deco Interiors

February 2, 2014  |  Cool Designs and Ideas, Interior Design


This private apartment tastefully decorated by NG-studio Sanremo in the Russian capital of art and culture, St. Petersburg, unveils a living space worthy of a king with an Art Deco Interiors.


Using a restrained palette of colours, from royal blue to gold and flawless white, the designers aimed to create a premium class interior, allowing their clients to immerse in luxury.


The property was intended for temporary stay. Comprising two sections, one including a living room, kitchen and dining area and the other one accommodating two bedrooms, with masked wardrobes, the flat was carefully designed to reflect the client’s particular taste in Art Deco Interiors.


Despite bringing together extravagant elements and objects of Art Deco, the interior feels warm and cozy. Natural materials and quality fabrics in neutral tones of colour adorn some of the furniture items, adding a sense of comfort and delicacy.


Inspiring and overwhelming to the eye, this space is nothing but a dream home. Imagine yourself wandering about the streets of the sublime city of high spirits and high art and then admire all its grandeur from the intimacy of this flat.

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